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Transitioning from childhood to young adulthood, middle school years are pivotal moments filled with transformation, challenges, and diverse experiences. As students plunge into the throes of adolescence, they also venture deeper into their academic journey. At American High School, we recognize the unique dynamism of this phase.


Thus, we offer a wide array of academic options and programs tailored to the exploratory spirit of middle school learners. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and stimulating educational environment, fostering a seamless progression into their forthcoming high school journey. As they navigate through these formative years, we emphasize building a strong academic foundation, while also encouraging social growth, independence, and a love for learning.”


American High School cultivates future leaders by delivering real-world learning opportunities that empower our students to take responsibility for their individual successes in the digital age.

Grade 6

Transitioning into Middle School, our sixth-grade curriculum embraces a more rigorous academic approach. As students delve into advanced literacy, maths, science, and social studies programs, they are encouraged to apply critical thinking and exploration. Alongside academics, we foster essential life skills like organization, independence, and a growing sense of societal responsibility.

Grade 7

Seventh grade in our curriculum marks a midpoint in the Middle School journey, focusing on deepening students' understanding and application of the core subjects. Here, students explore intricate mathematical concepts, dive into the complexities of language arts, and experiment with scientific theories, all while expanding their global awareness through enriched social studies.

Grade 8

At the threshold of high school, our eighth-grade curriculum sharpens students' academic prowess and prepares them for their upcoming high school journey. With a deeper delve into language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies and an emphasis on problem-solving, critical analysis, and independent study skills, we equip our eighth-graders with the tools they need to excel in high school and beyond.

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Whether your objective is preparing for college, improving grades, or exploring new subjects of interest, American High School's online platform offers a flexible, academically robust, and engaging learning experience to all.

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