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Experience the Ultimate Virtual Education Platform with American High School's Turnkey Solution!

Are you considering launching your own online virtual school? Perhaps you’re a charter or private school looking to expand your physical presence and broaden your reach. Or maybe you’re a homeschool association seeking to provide virtual learning options for your members.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, now is the perfect time to join forces with American High School. Together, we can offer virtual courses for Grades K-12 through your very own personalized online middle and high school.

At American High School, we take pride in our state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) and course management system. In just one month, we can create a customized school for you, with no upfront costs for schools!

Transforming Education Through Innovation

Our platform provides you with the necessary tools to offer comprehensive online, offline, and hybrid courses to students worldwide. This eliminates the traditional and time-consuming process of sourcing digital infrastructure, creating a curriculum, and designing individual courses, which can take months or even years to complete.

In terms of finances, you have the option to choose between an annual licensing, or a revenue share model, giving you the flexibility to allocate your funds towards the growth and expansion of your educational pursuits. In short, we provide the resources, and you make the difference.

American High School’s extensive collection of over 200 courses is constantly evolving, as we develop new offerings each quarter. This ensures that we provide dynamic content to meet the diverse needs of every student. Our curriculum includes all necessary resources, such as e-books, videos, audio files, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive flash movies, providing a comprehensive approach to learning.

Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you throughout the process of establishing and developing your program. While we offer guidance in adapting our proven program to fit your vision and requirements, the daily administration and strategic governance remain under your control. From forming a board of directors, selecting teachers, and setting tuition fees, your school will always be your own.

Even so, if you ever have questions regarding your school’s administration, we are always available to provide support.

Are you ready to join forces with us and empower your students in the digital age?

Consider Launching a Virtual School If You Are: