High School


Get Your Diploma With American High School

Our high school curriculum is expertly designed to promote well-rounded development, and cater to varied student interests. With an intricate weave of rigorous core subjects complemented by a rich tapestry of diverse elective courses, we deliver an equilibrium in education that addresses both intellectual growth and personal enrichment. We take educational excellence a notch higher with our esteemed Advanced Placement (AP) and honors programs. These avenues of advanced study empower our students to delve deeper, rise higher, and gain a head start for college by earning valuable credits.

Guidance and Support for Every Student

At American High School, every student's journey is important. Our dedicated guidance counselors offer personalized support, assisting students in academic planning, college applications, and personal development. We believe in nurturing not only academic growth but also the well-being of each individual.

Extracurricular Excellence

Education at our school breaks the bounds of textbook learning. We believe in the power of extracurricular experiences in shaping young minds, providing a vibrant canvas of activities spanning sports, arts, clubs, and community service. These avenues invite students to journey beyond the classroom, discover their passions, cultivate leadership abilities, and form enduring bonds of friendship. Such enriching experiences seamlessly weave into the academic tapestry, contributing to a holistic, well-rounded education that fosters growth in every domain.

American High School cultivates future leaders by delivering real-world learning opportunities that empower our students to take responsibility for their individual successes in the digital age.

Elevate. Educate. Empower: The High School Journey

Grade 9

Entering high school, our ninth-grade curriculum aims to strike a perfect balance between reinforcing established academic fundamentals, and initiating a deeper exploration across core subjects. With an emphasis on developing advanced literacy, problem-solving in mathematics, exploring scientific principles, and understanding humanities, we provide the groundwork for successful high school progression.

Grade 10

Our tenth-grade curriculum builds on the foundational knowledge of freshman year and propels students towards more specialized coursework. By analyzing literature, exploring complex mathematical problems, experimenting through science, and delving deeper into world social studies, we kindle a passion for learning and a readiness for college-level study.

Grade 11

In the crucial juncture of the eleventh grade, our curriculum sharpens focus on college and career readiness. Advanced coursework, encompassing detailed explorations in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, helps students to fine-tune their academic prowess, while a multitude of electives allow for more personalized paths of discovery.

Grade 12

As students step into their final high school year, our twelfth-grade curriculum is designed to capstone their educational journey, providing advanced, college-level skill-building in core subjects and electives, and offering high-level academic challenges. By fostering independence, critical thinking, and readiness for their next steps, we ensure their transition from high school to higher education or career is a confident leap forward.

Interactive Online Courses

Virtual Reality

Get ready to experience a revolutionary curriculum like never before!

We are proud to be the only school offering virtual reality-enhanced courses. Through the use of virtual reality, we bring our lessons to life with engaging videos and interactive simulations.

Our virtual environment creates realistic images, sounds, and sensations, allowing learners to fully immerse themselves in performance-based tasks, just like they would in the real world.

Get ready to take your learning to the next level with American High School’s virtual reality courses!

Raising the Bar

AP and Honors Courses

We currently offer AP/Honors classes for Social Studies, English, and Science, with more being added all the time.

Students who are interested in enrolling in our Honors and AP courses should expect the following:

Career and Technical Education

Unlock a world of opportunities with our technical, and career prep courses.

Each course is designed to equip students with practical and marketable skills in today’s fastest-growing industries.
From Information Technology to Health Sciences, our curriculum is developed with industry experts and aligns with the skills employers value most.

Aimed to foster career readiness, these courses provide essential soft skills training, career exploration, resume building, and interview preparation.
Start planning for your success today!