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Are you looking for a curriculum that will truly engage and educate your young children? Look no further! Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to help children thoroughly grasp the fundamentals of Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music. With our program, your children will not only learn, but also have fun while doing so. Give your child the best start in their education with our specialized curriculum.

American High School cultivates future leaders by delivering real-world learning opportunities that empower our students to take responsibility for their individual successes in the digital age.


Welcome to the beginning of a lifelong journey of curiosity and learning! Our kindergarten curriculum is designed to inspire young minds through exciting, hands-on experiences. Here, we establish strong fundamentals in literacy and numeracy, while fostering creative thinking and social development. Our kindergarteners explore, learn, and grow in an encouraging, supportive environment that forms the pillars of their academic journey.

Grade 1

Laying a strong foundation for ongoing academic success, our first-grade curriculum introduces students to core subjects like reading, writing, and basic mathematics. Here, the seeds of literacy and numeracy are lovingly nurtured, sparking a lifelong love for learning.

Grade 2

Building upon the competencies developed in first grade, our second-grade curriculum delves deeper into language arts and mathematics, while introducing students to the wonders of science and the diverse world around us through social studies. Every lesson is a new journey of exploration.

Grade 3

Our third-grade curriculum triggers minds to become more independent thinkers. While focusing on advancing literacy and mathematics skills, students also journey through exciting science concepts and engage with histories and geographies shaping our world."

Grade 4

Fourth grade sees students delving deeper into academic exploration. With a curriculum embracing higher-level literacy, complex mathematical concepts, an expanded scientific world and a richer understanding of social studies, we engage students in comprehensive learning.

Grade 5

In fifth grade, students embrace the pinnacle of their elementary education. Our curriculum is geared towards strengthening their command over language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, preparing them adequately for their transition to middle school.

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Whether your objective is preparing for college, improving grades, or exploring new subjects of interest, American High School's online platform offers a flexible, academically robust, and engaging learning experience to all.

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