Summer School & Credit Recovery

Embark on a rewarding academic journey with our comprehensive Summer School, and Credit Recovery Programs. This program invites students to take advantage of the opportunity to recover credit, catch up, or even get ahead in their studies. Enrollment facilitates access to up to six enriching courses, with a duration of two months to allow concentrated and thorough study needed for credit completion and transfer.

To ensure a seamless transfer of credits back to your high school, we strongly advise students to secure prior approval from their respective high school guidance counselors or principals. As all educational institutions have distinctly unique policies regarding credit acceptance, it is important to confirm this before embarking on your coursework. 

However, we understand that this process might seem daunting, so we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Let’s transform your summer into two months of productive learning and achievements. Make the most of your break. Enroll now and turn this summer into a season of academic success!

Enjoy the convenience of learning at your own pace – where safety, simplicity, and affordability meet.

Our nationally accredited courses are adjustable to your schedule, with the potential for completion in just 4 short weeks.

Starting at an attractively low price of $175.00 per semester course, our program offers a valuable education that won’t break the bank.


Retake necessary courses, reclaim your free time, and advance towards your bright future without compromise!

Available Courses


Algebra I , Algebra II , Algebra III


Chemistry , Biology

English Literature

English I , English II , English III , English IV

Flexible to fit Your Needs

Whether your objective is preparing for college, improving grades, or exploring new subjects of interest, American High School's online platform offers a flexible, academically robust, and engaging learning experience to all.

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