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Get Your Diploma With American Preparatory School

The American High School virtual campus is dedicated to children of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. Since we have been teaching students online for almost 20 years, we are experienced in providing online education, and we know everything about online education.

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In addition, we are one of the first online schools to incorporate virtual reality into our learning environment and provide immersive instruction to our students.

Education Programs

Our education programs cover grades K-12, showing the wide range of age groups. Three main phases of education are divided into elementary, middle, and high school

In addition to the primary education cycle, we offer summer school, college preparation, and credit recovery programs that prepare your child continuously and intensively at their pace, respect their style and need, and rigorous content.

why American High School is a Right Choice?

A diploma that is recognized nationwide and internationally is essential for your child. American High School’s accreditation ensures that other institutions will recognize the credits we have earned.

Our Popular Online Courses


Grades k-5

American High School Early Learning Academy offers a unique rewards system that encourages children to keep learning through the site’s many academic lessons and levels.

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Grades 6-8

As students become more independent and take on greater responsibility for their education, middle school is an exciting time. Our curriculum is updated and is among the best in the industry.

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Grades 9-12

American High School customizes its curriculum to meet the academic needs of each student. It is more productive for a curriculum to “fit” the student than to try to make the student “fit” a curriculum.

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