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Have you been thinking of starting your own online virtual school? Are you a charter school or private school that wants to expand your current brick and mortar operations and increase your reach? Are you a homeschool association that wants to offer virtual learning to its members?

If so, this is the best time to partner with American High School and begin offering virtual courses for Grades K-12 in your custom branded online Elementary, Middle, and High School.

American High School has the most powerful learning management system (LMS) and course management system, we can create your customized school in as little as one month with no start-up costs for schools.

  • Provides everything you need to offer online, offline, and blended courses to students worldwide.

  • Eliminates the months, or even years, of developing a school, curriculum, and courses.

  • Eliminates the need to contract with an LMS provider – significantly reducing costs and programming

  • Provides either an annual licensing or revenue share model so that you can retain your funds for growth

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    American High School has done the work and eliminated the start-up costs 

    We are ready to help you in providing online K-12 classes to all of your students this fall semester.  Partner with American High School and you can be up and running within two (2weeks.  

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