About Our Courses

The American High School offers high quality, accredited, Internet-delivered high school courses for students throughout the United States and abroad. Since 2004 American High School has served over 8000 students.

As in face-to-face classes, online classes include a teacher, lessons, homework, class discussions, and tests. The main difference is the activities occur over the Internet at a time that is convenient for students. American High School offers the hallmarks of truly effective traditional education programs, including the highest quality teachers and quality curriculum.

Online High School Courses

American High School customizes our curriculum in order to meet each student’s academic needs. We believe it is more productive for the curriculum to “fit” the student than trying to make the student “fit” a curriculum. To properly design a curriculum for you, it is necessary for us to have an understanding of the academic “level” the student has mastered in the core subjects.

AP / Honors

We currently offer AP / Honors classes for Social Studies, English and Science. More are being added all the time. Students interested in enrolling in our Honors and AP courses should expect the following:

  • Higher expectations in terms of quality of work, project or report content and organization
  • Greater intensity and depth
  • Intense online class participation
  • Emphasis on analysis rather than memorization
  • Higher expectations while grading
  • Student-centered responsibility for learning
  • Increased expectations for all homework
  • Mandatory outside readings
  • Extensive mastery of course-specific terms and the ability to apply them
  • Command of logic and recognition of fallacies
  • Willingness to tackle extensive, close readings of complex texts
  • Willingness to explore the world of discourse outside of the textbook
  • Willingness to work on critical evaluation of one’s work

Summer School

American Online High School ClassesAmerican High School’s summer school program is open to all students who have successfully completed the 8th grade. Transcripts will be sent to the appropriate high school indicating credits earned for each class. If you plan to enroll in the summer school program be sure to have permission from your school counselor to ensure the credits can be transferred to your local high school upon completion of the course.

Review Curriculums
American Online High School offers a complete fully Accredited online Home School / Middle School for grades 6 – 8 that is designed to ensure student success in High School; and a High School with college preparatory curriculum for Grades 9 – 12.
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