• 0104000 Exploring Art

    Art and Music Exploration will introduce visual art and music as artistic forms and provide an opportunity for students to experience the arts. It will present many different styles and works of art and music. This course includes an overview of what is considered art and music by teaching students about Pennsylvania artists and musicians, focusing on a timeline of art and exposing students to varied musical styles. The focus will remain on the elements of both art and music as students discover the richness that arts bring to life. Audio podcasts, videos, and hands-on and web-based activities keep learners engaged in the course so that they develop a new appreciation for both art and music. The first portion of the course will teach students how art is created, as well as how art reflects and influences history and culture. In the second portion of the course, students will learn how music is created and how music reflects and influences history and culture. Term: Semester
  • 1301000 General Music 1

    This course is designed for beginning musicians with some background in music or keyboard playing. Music is a very hands-on, interactive subject area. Discovering Music will incorporate the performance aspects of music and an understanding of music theory. Students will use the keyboard to learn fun, creative songs with the use of Internet and interactive web pages. Students will be able to read notes on the staff and play pieces in C and G positions, to identify and play melodic and harmonic intervals, and to play C Major chords. Term: Semester
  • 0102040 Creative Photography 1

    In this course, students will enter the fascinating world of digital photography. Students will cover basic features of a digital camera as well as the various techniques necessary for taking interesting and vivid digital pictures. Learners will find out how to create the best shots by adjusting the color, the lighting, and the set-up of a camera. This course also includes helpful editing tips that enable up-and- coming photographers to create high-quality photos. Discover the art of digital photography in this fascinating course. Term: Semester
  • 0103000 Graphic Design 1

    Discovering Digital Drawing is an experimentation course for students interested in digital media. Drawing is the process of making art with lines – but in this course, pencils and markers will be put away. Instead, the digital counterparts to these traditional tools will be explored. This is an interactive course that assists students in creating dynamic compositions with just the click of a mouse and the stroke of the stylus. Students will learn to sharpen observation skills, to communicate ideas, and to express feelings while learning the language of Photoshop Elements. Rules of composition, the elements of art and principles of design, tricks that artists use to organize artwork, and virtual tours to museums and artists’ studios are included in this course. Term: Semester
  • 0103010 Graphic Design 2

    This course will teach students how to create exciting paintings in a matter of minutes by using only their computer and their imaginations. Learners will put their traditional paints, brushes, and canvases away because these days, artists are creating digital paintings for book covers, illustrations, and video games directly on their computers. Students will learn how “Digital Painting” is becoming an emerging art form in which traditional painting mediums such as watercolors, oils, and spray paints are applied using digital tools, software, and computers. After learning a few basic techniques, only a student’s time and commitment can limit his or her creativity. Term: Semester
  • 0800000 Health 1

    This course has been designed as a guide to introduce students to the many aspects of health they may encounter in middle school. This is a one-semester course that will focus on topics such as health and wellness, healthy relationships, violence, drugs and alcohol, diseases, and bodily changes. This is an exciting and fun course that will make students aware of ways to become healthier now and in the future. Term: Year Long
  • 0800010 Health 2: Starting the Road to Wellness

    Starting the Road to Wellness is a one-semester course that encompasses a variety of topics with a focus on nutrition and physical fitness. The course includes basic nutrition principles and practices in addition to dietary guidelines. It will teach students how to read labels and how to understand food safety concepts. Other areas addressed include the foundations of physical fitness, exercise guidelines, and sports nutrition. This course will help students to become self motivated about leading a healthy lifestyle. This course is appropriate for students in seventh and eighth grades. Term: Year Long

Middle School

  • Mathematics

    The 6-8 grade math curriculum is designed for students to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions; graphing and statistics; measurement and geometry; ratio, proportion and probability; percent; area and volume; and integers.
  • English/Language Arts

    The 6-8 grade language arts curriculum works to further develop students skills in writing, reading, and speaking. They will use the six traits of writing to improve their writing and editing skills while being introduced to informative, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive writing styles. Emphasis will be placed on writing a clear and well developed paragraph. Students will undertake a detailed study of grammar learning and applying the eight parts of speech to their writing. Students will gain appreciate for various genres of literature as they read the novels for this course. Through those novels, they will study vocabulary, spelling, and the elements of literature.
  • Science

    General Science This course covers a variety of scientific areas including life's structure and function, diversity of life, life and the environment, Earth's air and water, earth and space, matter, forces, and energy, electricity and magnetism.
  • Social Studies

    Geography. Students are introduced to basic geography skills, the land, and its people. Students study of the world’s regions using the Five Themes of Geography. The regions include: Location (both absolute and relative), place (the physical and human characteristics), human/environment interaction (the relationships within places) movement (the mobility of people, goods and ideas) and region (how they form and change).
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