July Jubilee

We are excited to announce that we are holding our July Jubilee Contest this month.

July Jubilee

July Jubilee

We’d like to invite all our students to participate and win a chance at some awesome cash and prizes!!!


It’s Really Easy to Enter and the deadline for submissions is July 31st at midnight.

Please post your submissions right here to our Facebook page, or send to us through the student message center.

Ways to enter:

1. Submit a video discussing what you like about AHS

2. Submit a video discussing why you are being homeschooled at AHS

3. Submit a video testimonial of AHS

4. Graduating Seniors—submit a video discussing the colleges that have accepted you and which one you are planning on attending

5. Show us a video of yourself making a difference in your community

The Winner of the July Jubilee Contest can win prizes such as:

Cash and Prizes!!!

Cash and Prizes!!!

-Xbox One


-Google Chromebook

-IPad Mini2

-Hero Go Pro/Digital camera



Make sure you enter before the July 31st Deadline!!!

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