creditsThere are A LOT of tell-all stories about online schools and how easy it is, but it’s not as easy as it appears. Online schools are an excellent way to earn your high school diploma but can be extremely difficult.  You have to learn patience, self-restraint, and self-control to be successful, but it can be done. Getting up at 6 a.m. and getting ready for school is no fun. BUT, I’m going to give you a few easy steps on why online school can be EASY and a better option than the traditional school.

sleepyyWhen I started online school I was one of the lazy ones, I was happy I could sleep in stay home and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but my bubble was burst when I realized I was doing that every day instead of working on my school work.   It got so bad that I had to go to the office with my mom every day so she knew I was completing my schoolwork. If I had to wake up every day at 8 am when she left for work to go with her, what was the point of going to online school? At that point, I had to decide because I felt like I was going to a traditional school.  I liked the freedom of sleeping in and waking up when I wanted to, now I was getting up just as early to go to my mom’s office.

That’s when I made the change.

Schedule-RegularI made my own schedule.  I chose to work on 5 assignments a day, one from every class, or all from one class and to do one quiz. I started doing this and by the time I completed each assignment I had spent about 2 to 3 hours working on my online classes and making significant progress.  Now, all of a sudden I had the rest of the day free and could hang out with my friends or play with my dog.

That was a big step for me working on my own without someone standing over me. After that, I started to feel like I wanted to do more, WHICH WAS A SHOCKER because as long as I showed my mom progress she was happy. So in my freshman year, on my own, I started to do a class a week.  I’d work on History one week, Science the next week, Math the next, and so on.  After 3 months I realized I was completing my classes at a much faster rate and actually accelerated my path to graduation.

careeAttending online school IS easy if you do it the right way! It teaches you to take responsibility and work for yourself, not for teachers or parents, but for you. Going to American High School was and is a one of a kind ONLINE school, and I’m appreciative of it every day.  They give you an opportunity to earn your High School Diploma with an amazing support team of counselors and teachers cheering you on.

academicprogramsAmerican High School is excited to announce some of the amazing exciting opportunities available to our students. American High School has educational partners throughout the U.S. and overseas, offering our students the largest catalog of academic programs than any other online school provider. Whether you are looking for programs for your Elementary, Middle, or High School Students or graduating and looking for college and career programs, American High School has dozens of programs to fit your goals.


allagesFor the past 15 years, American High School has always been on the cutting edge of online education. One of the first online schools to offer Elementary, Middle, and High School, American High School has separated itself from other schools in its category by continuously growing and expanding its catalog of programs and school offerings to truly be a “one-stop shop” for all your educational needs. Besides offering K-12, American High School is one of the few online schools that offers an International Dual Diploma Program and is also NCAA approved. So if you are looking to come to the U.S. to go to college or if you are interested in pursuing college sports, American High School is able to support all your goals.


choiTrying to figure out what to do after high school? American High School offers dozens of electives that will prepare you for careers in certain areas. Take an Introduction to Nursing course to see if a career as a registered nurse is for you. Try C++ programming to decide if programming is something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Enjoy watching the cooking channel or CSI shows? Try our Culinary Arts or Forensics courses. American High School has dozens of electives that will allow you to “test the waters” and see if that is the right career choice for you.

careeOnce you graduate, American High School can help launch you into the right career. American High School has several college partners that offer Home Health, LPN, RN, Bachelor and Master Degrees in Nursing. If you are pursuing a career in Education, consider one of our Bachelor of Arts in Education programs, Master of TESOL, ESL or Teaching Certificate programs. Into Technology, you may want to consider a career in one of these emerging and growing fields such as Virtual Reality, Forensics, and Drone Piloting. There are also certificate programs in leadership, marketing, and executive management for those looking to leave high school with skills they can take right into the workplace.


American High School makes it easy for you by providing all these options under one roof. At American High School, your academic advisors will assist you in your quest to find the right program for you or for your child. For More information, visit or Call 866-306-0247 for more information.

struggleIf you are over 18 and have always wanted to go back and earn your high school diploma, it is now easier than ever. Until now, adults have always found it hard to go back to school and earn their diploma. With full-time jobs and families, it is hard to find the time to complete all the requirements. Most of the time, it is difficult for adults to even afford the cost of going back to school. This is why so many adults choose to test for their GED. It is just easier, quicker, and cheaper. Unfortunately, a GED is not the same as a high school diploma. There are many limitations with a GED.


adultsFortunately, there is a new program for anyone over 18 who wants to further their education. American High School’s Adult Learner Program allows students to graduate with a high school diploma, not a GED, in 4 to 6 months or less. At American High School, students can work at their own pace, around their work schedules, and around family life making it possible for anyone to go back to school and earn their diploma. Once you receive your diploma, explore options for furthering your career with one of our many college partners offering programs in Nursing, Education, Business, Robotics, Virtual Reality, and Healthcare. With Elementary through High School, NCAA and Dual Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs and College Partner Programs, American High School is truly your one stop for all your education needs.

successgradVisit us online or Call us at 866-306-0247 for more information.

Black History Month Celebration 2019: Creative Contest

A Celebration of Black History!

A Celebration of Black History!

American High School would like to invite the entire student body to participate in a Black History Month Creative Contest by submitting an essay or original piece of artwork that truly commemorates an African American scientist, artist, actor, athlete, inventor, politician, scholar, or any other important African American figure and their influence.

Submissions are due by February 28, 2019 at 12PM Eastern Time and there will be two winners: a winner from our middle school and a winner from our high school. The winners will be announced Friday, March 8, 2019.


The winning prizes will be a$150 Visa cash gift card to use anywhere Visa is accepted.mlk

You may turn in your submission by uploading your artwork to any of the following sites and adding one of the following hashtags: #ahsrocks #ahsblackhistorymonth #americanhighschool

Click On One of the Options Below to Submit to Our Social Media Pages!




AHS Lounge


martinlutContest Rules: All creative work must be original; one entry per student, creative work must be submitted by February 28, 12PM Eastern Time. The contest will be judged by the number of likes the submission gets as well as an assessment of each submission by our team here at American High School, so do not forget to promote your artwork on our social networks.  Winners will be announced on Friday March 8, 2019.

For more information call (866) 306-0247

getinvolvChildren can achieve well at school when their family and friends take an interest in their school and schoolwork. Getting involved in your child’s education, even in the simplest way, shows that you care about their school life. Often, the more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively she or he will learn at school. Whatever your lifestyle, or family situation, it is never too soon (or too late) to start helping a child develop a positive attitude towards learning.

There are many ways of being involved in your child’s education without feeling overwhelmed. If you are a non-resident parent, it is equally as important to be involved in your child’s learning too. This can give your child far greater goals and inspire them to try their best where they can.


Helping your child get the best out of school

involvTry to give encouragement and show appreciation of your child’s achievements, whether great or small, as this can help boost their confidence. Teach them basic organization and time management skills so they are not overwhelmed with projects or homework. Be realistic and avoid putting your child under pressure by having over-high expectations. Let your child develop at their own pace, but if you do have concerns, please speak to their teacher.

Try to give feedback rather than criticism, e.g. saying ‘that didn’t seem to work’ rather than ‘you got it wrong’. This helps them think about where they went wrong and how they can improve in the future, rather than just feeling like a failure.

getinvYou might find contacting the school or talking to your child’s teachers difficult, or think they will not have time for you. But finding out more about their school life and what they are learning shows your child how much you care about their education. And getting to know the school and the teachers is the best way of finding out more.

Tips to help you keep up with what’s happening at the school

  • Make sure your child gives you any letters that are sent home.

  • Look out for notices and posters for parents.

  • If you can, check the school website.

  • Try to make it to the fun events, like school fairs, and to parents’ evenings.

  • If you are worried about anything, go and talk to a teacher. They will want to help.

Out of school support

readwithkidsOften parents like to introduce a variety of interests in and out of school so children have the opportunity to explore other interests that they enjoy.  Learn together, do things together, visit interesting places, talk about things you’ve seen on television and encourage your child to ask questions. Support their reading development by having books, magazines, and newspapers in the home and let your child see you and other family members reading them.

When a child comes home from school, they may be tired so try not to fire too many questions of your child as soon as they walk through the door. They may be tired or hungry and not feel like talking. Be available to listen later if they want to talk.

Thinking ahead

extracurricuEducation is more than just math, social studies, English and science. Your child’s talents may lie in sport, art, music, drama, computers, or anything else. You can always help them aim high by boosting their confidence:


Encourage them to join after-school clubs or activities.

  • Tell your child how proud you are when they do well.

  • Let them hear you praising them to other people.

  • Talk together about their future and the kind of job they think they would enjoy.

  • Ask them to help you with things they are good at.

  • Help your child to find someone to look up to; a relative, friend or celebrity.

If your child is struggling at school

If your child has Special Educational Needs (SEN), it is even more important to be involved so you can understand what support your child is receiving at school and whether he or she is on target.  You can speak to their class teacher or the SENCO if your school has one. You may hear terms that are unfamiliar and if this is the case, you can always speak to the school or your Local Education Authority about what these mean. Your child may have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which is reviewed on a quarterly basis. This will indicate what support your child needs and how this is being met by the school. These plans should be set with your involvement in a meeting with the teacher and SENCO. If your child does need extra help, find out from the school how he or she can be supported at home. This may be something as simple as allowing them to draw more often to help with fine motor skills, etc.

Helping your child make new friends

makefriendsIf your child is worried about making new friends or is having trouble with an existing group of friends, this can add to any existing anxieties they may have around school, or may even be the main cause of their concerns. For more tips, see our video on making new friends.

School and parents

Young people live and learn in two worlds – home and school. The way the two connect and communicate can make an enormous difference to how children learn to manage in both places. If teachers, parents and young people all trust, listen and talk to each other, the final goal of helping children learn and develop to their best ability is most likely to be achieved. You have a right to expect and ask for help. For more ideas on how to help children in school, visit Advisory Centre for Education (ACE).

Tim Elmore writes about teaching leadership to young people. I have written about some of his work in an earlier blog post about coping with stress. He calls the generation of kids born after 9/11, Generation Z. A characteristic of these teens is that they spend a great deal of time with their electronic devices; so in my freshman seminar class, we spent some time discussing how their devices can either help them or hinder them in school.

princeaFor one lesson, we watched Can You Auto-Correct Humanity by Prince Ea. Prince Ea is a rapper whose music tends to be about intellectual topics and social concerns. The premise of this video is that humans are spending so much time online that they are losing touch with reality—with humanity.

I asked my students to respond to the video. I was expecting them to disagree with Prince Ea. To my surprise, they did not. Almost every single student agreed with him. I am not certain they know what to do to change things. But at least they know something needs to change. Some telling responses from my 9th grade students include:

 “I was at dinner with my mom last night. We were both on our phones barely talking, and when we both put our phones down, it was harder to come up with things to talk about. I think that if we could do that more often it wouldn’t be as hard to communicate with everyone.” This is so true with these teens. When they talk in the halls at school, they often interrupt one another and speak in halting, broken sentences. When writing, they do better. While the statement here is not written perfectly, the point she is making is clear—Generation Z teens need to spend more time talking face-to-face rather than through their electronic devices. Parents need to set the example here and require the family to put away their devices during family time. There is nothing wrong with electronic communication, but talking face-to-face is how kids learn to interpret facial expressions and body language.

“…people are not gonna stop unless someone or something makes them stop. I think that we as a whole could maybe do something to fix this problem.” Elmore suggests that adults need to prepare these teens to solve problems. I see in this student’s statement, that solving these problems may be a desire he has. He would like to fix it, but he implies that he needs help figuring out how. Parents can allow their children to solve problems for themselves, but sometimes children need our help to figure out the best solution.

ipaduseI especially appreciated this statement, as a very young teen reflects upon her younger brother and the world he is growing up in: “In recent generations, and especially ours, we have shorter attention spans and less ability to communicate orally with others. When I was younger, I never had an iPhone or iPad, so I had to go outside and run around with other kids from my neighborhood from the time the sun came up until it went down. I look at my younger brother today and see that he is on his iPad from the time he wakes up until the time my mom forces him to put it down. Having all of this technology is amazing, but is also doing the newer generation a huge disservice.” His comment defines several problems. Children should get more exercise; they need to use their devices appropriately rather than spending hours and hours on them each day; and they need to reconnect with the world around them.

sportParents should encourage their children to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities where electronic devices are not used. I recently spent a week in a rural part of America where none of the children were connected via electronic devices. The kids were outside playing games, running around laughing, and having loads of fun (in the middle of winter). All of us should encourage our kids to spend more time offline.

I have been teaching upper school students for more than 30 years. When I hear concerns about “teenagers these days,” I always think that each generation has its own set of problems—a mix of problems they inherited from the previous generation and a whole new set of problems unique to them. Even so, what teens need today is the same as it has always been: They need caring, loving adults to guide them through the tough times in their lives. No matter how challenging the kids are in my classes, I think about how special they are and how much they have to offer the world. It is my job to help grow them into capable, thinking, empathetic, and responsible adults who can solve the problems they and their children will face. If all of us work together to shape the lives of children, our future will be secure. They can do it, but they need our help.

onlinelearnWhether you need to retake high school classes or simply are working on a different timetable than most people, online classes can be a great outlet to continue your learning. At American High School, our comprehensive online high school classes are designed to fit your timetable and workload limits while giving you the education you need.

Online classes offer a number of convenience points for many people, but this doesn’t mean they’re simply easier all the time or require little work. Success in these classes is earned just like it is in a classroom setting, and you’ll need to have proper work habits if you want to succeed. What are some tips to keep in mind for succeeding in online courses?

timeOnline courses offer you new ways to prioritize your time, but this doesn’t mean you can just forget about them for weeks at a time. You’ll have more control over your time than a classroom setting, but you’ll also be responsible for managing it correctly – scheduling study time, completing assignments and taking online tests. In the same way you’d make a schedule for any other important part of your life, make a schedule for online course completion as well.

Be sure to get clear on any and all technical requirements you may be faced with at the very beginning of your course, and clarify with your instructor if you have any concerns. You don’t want to get weeks into a course before realizing you can’t access certain materials or take tests due to some software problem.

teachSpeaking of your instructor, it’s best to reach out to them early and establish proper lines of communication. You won’t see this person on a day to day basis like you would in a classroom setting, so it’s important to know how you can get ahold of them if you need help (most will use the course’s email system, but others prefer text, direct message or a different email address). The last thing you want is to do badly in a course because you had no resources in a pinch.

Beyond just scheduling, a general sense of organization is vital. Keep a specific workspace dedicated to your online courses, and track due dates and project statuses. Don’t let details fall through the cracks – remember, these are 100 percent your responsibility in an online course setting.

onlinestuMost people only think of individualized courses when they consider online high school classes, but at American High School, we offer these and much more. Whether it is Elementary, Middle or High School, our NCAA program, International Dual Diploma program, Advance Placement or Enrichment courses, American High School in Plantation Florida has programs for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our programs are fully accredited so you will not have to worry about transferring of credits.

Are these programs right for your children? Let’s look at some of the key benefits of online programs for students.

boredstOnline Schools allow much more specified, tailored learning plans for kids who may need this sort of structure. The traditional classroom has become more flexible over the years, but there’s still no way to vary course plans in nearly the same ways, even in smaller class sizes. Instead of falling behind in areas in which they lack, or being bored and too far ahead in areas they’re already flourishing in, kids can succeed in a more personalized situation.

Naturally, this also means they’ll get much more individual attention. If they’re struggling in an area, you can spend much more time on it than they’d ever be allotted in a traditional classroom situation. They’ll spend less time correcting simple errors, and more time advancing within the coursework.

negativeschoolFor some children, the negative social influences present in public or even private schools can greatly impact the learning environment. Whether this is bullying or any other form of social pressure, if it’s something your child may struggle with, homeschooling could be an option. Homeschooling doesn’t mean kids will have no friends – just that they’ll find them through different avenues. This could mean joining extracurricular activities outside the school such as martial arts, dance, city sports, or summer camps.

happyfamBest of all, a proper online school program can help build the bond between parent and child. Yes, there will be times where there’s tension, or you have to bring the hammer down as an educator and a disciplinarian. But through continued positivity and hard work, most parents and children find their relationship grows through the homeschooling experience.

With so many programs available, now all your children can attend online school and take advantage of all its benefits.

For those considering taking online high school courses, it’s important to have the proper information. The rise of the online high school world has unfortunately led to a number of common misconceptions about these kinds of classes and programs. Here are three of the most common myths you’ll hear about taking classes online, plus the reality of these situations.

easyThe loudest and most common criticism we see of online courses is that they’re simply an easy fix for students who don’t want to work hard. While the online environment may indeed offer a personalized format that some students find easier and more conducive to learning, it’s anything but an “easy way out” – the content is just as challenging as what students find in a traditional classroom.
In addition, online courses challenge students in other ways. A self-motivated learning environment forces students to learn responsibility at an earlier age, plus gives them more control over their own education and helps improve critical thinking skills.

creditsEarning the proper credit is important for all high school students, and there’s a false impression among some that online courses don’t allow this. As long as you’re attending an accredited online school like American High School in Plantation Florida you will be fine. There are no issues at accredited schools like AHS – their credits are easily transferable to other high schools, or colleges when you apply for admission.

homeworkingThere are indeed some hybrid formats where students attend actual “classroom sessions” offered as webinars outside of their normal classes. But within a fully individualized online school, this is not the case – students have full control over their schedule, including when and where to study or review material. But at the same time, they never sacrifice the support of teachers, who have flexible availability to answer questions or give one-on-one guidance.Online courses are a wonderful alternative to traditional schools as long as you select a school with the appropriate accreditation.

internetsurfInternet usage is a common point of concern for many parents, and for teens who are involved in online classes during high school, this concern can take on a different tone. These students obviously need screen time to complete classwork, and it can be tough to figure out how often they’re doing this and how often they’re just browsing the web – and what’s appropriate for each.
It’s important to help parents and students adjust to the differing demands of online courses. Let’s look at some areas you can use to set healthy limits on technology use without limiting your child’s ability to complete their classes online.

family timeIt’s important for families to set aside technology-free times every day, and doing this together as a family can go a long way. Encourage phone-free family time, perhaps at the dinner table and in the hour following dinner. In addition, remove devices from sleeping spaces and prohibit the use of screens after a certain time of day – this will benefit sleep habits for everyone in the home, especially your developing teen.

choresYou’re the one who has to make final calls like limiting screen time, and you have to stick to your decision once you’ve made it. Maybe you allow only a certain number of minutes for screen time per day, or maybe you make your teens “earn” their recreational screen time through chores, homework, and other activities. Make sure the expectation is clear, and that it’s followed by everyone.

Teens and children often use screens to eliminate their boredom, but there are many other ways to do this as well. Consider things like exercise, crafts and family activities.

workAt high school age, students should be encouraged to seek out part-time employment. This can cut down on boredom and can help kids further learn responsibility. Employers also tend to limit screen time during work hours, another benefit.

Down similar lines, there are numerous activities your child can get involved with outside normal school hours, even if they’re not going to a traditional high school. There are many resources available for finding these kinds of productive outlets.

American High School has many resources for families with children enrolled in online courses. If you go to their website,, it will answer many of your questions.

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